The Storytelling Workbook for Artists

Learn how to get noticed with the power of storytelling.







This workbook is for...

Artists who have started their own art business, or are thinking of starting.

Artists who want to add depth and narrative to their artworks.

Artists who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Section 1

What makes you, you?

Answer the questions in section one to discover who you are as an artist and how your journey has developed so far.
Section 2

Creating your story

Using everything you have learnt from section one, you will now put together a compelling story that highlights what makes you special.
Section 3

Using your story

Finally, you will learn to use a story-based approach to marketing that will help you Stand out and get noticed.

Look inside

Use the power of storytelling today!


Kind words from Artists

I’ve been struggling with what to include in my artist biography. This workbook has helped me find the focus I couldn’t reach on my own. After considering one of the first questions I had an art memory come to mind that I had long forgotten. Now I have a place to start! I purchased the hard copy because for this application, flipping pages and handwriting notes while relaxing comfortably just feels right to me. The workbook was thinner than I anticipated, but lacking nothing in content. It’s well planned, very concise and thought provoking! The exercises are engaging and not boring at all. Worth every dollar!



So, what are you waiting for?

Use the power of storytelling today!




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