The Commission Logbook for Artists

Keep track of your art commission sales, coordinate your waiting list and keep a good relationship with your customers.


This book is for...

Artists who like to write down their orders and keep track of their expenses.

Artists who are taking control of the business and taking their art seriously.

Artists who take on commissions and need help staying organized.


Look Inside

This logbook is designed to help you manually keep track of all your art commission sales. Use this to help you coordinate your waiting list and keep a good relationship with your customers.

This 95-page logbook includes the following pages…

Suppliers List

Expenses List

Commission Tracker

Monthly Sales

Commission Details

The Commission Logbook for Artists monthly sales double spread

The Commission Logbook for Artists Suppliers and expenses forms

The Commission Logbook for Artists Commission Details forms


Kind words from Artists

This looks like a great book. Sema has included everything a commission artist needs to run their business.

Amazon Customer

She’s got another winner! I was blown away with “Art IS My Career”, which was PACKED with valuable detailed info artists need in starting a career these days. As an artist who’s work is about 50% commissions I knew this new logbook was something I needed to look into. I just received my copy of the Commission Logbook and was quite impressed with it. I have not found anything it does not include that an artist doing commissions needs ( some of which I never kept record of but need to). The content is well organized and gives the artist reminders of what is needed in recording and completing a commission so nothing is left to guess work. It will keep all the necessary info for commissions at hand in a glance. I have not started using it yet, but I am looking forward to it and can easily see it is exactly what I need to keep my commissions info in one place with complete info for the commissions at hand for records after the completion, not just for doing the commission. I enjoy that it’s in book form because I’m a “paper and pen” person and because of that I will be more apt to use it or remember to get all the info that’s needed written down. I’ll look forward to updating this review as use it through the new year ahead!


This is such a great commission logbook! It has everything I would have put together if I did it myself! Great job Sema!!

Amy Kimble


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