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The Art Business Launch Kit

Join over 4,000 artists to learn how to grow your art business from $0 to a regular daily income from your art and thousands of loyal followers on social media. 👩‍🎨

The Art Business Launch Kit

🌳 My story

I started drawing as a young child, you couldn’t stop me! But I didn’t think about selling my art until the summer of 2017. I had been working at NASA as an aerospace engineer and was about to start a PHD so decided to sell some drawings as a way of funding my studies.

I started with $0 in sales, 0 contacts, and 0 social media followers.

Within 8 weeks I had a 3-month waiting list of clients who had commissioned my artwork, and my Facebook and Instagram accounts had exploded with growth. Every day I had more inquiries than I could dream of, and I was making more income as an artist than I had as an engineer. It challenged every perception I had about whether art was actually viable as a career, and my eyes were opened.

6 years on and I have a long list of regular clients and the income I generate from my art has allowed me to live all over the world and spend more time with my family than I ever thought possible.

🤫 The secret to art businesses that work

Over the last 6 years I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a loyal online following and monetize your art in a way that keeps clients coming back for more. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading the right books, taking courses and speaking to experts in the art industry to try and discover what really works.  Do you know what I’ve found? Every time it comes back to three simple rules:

  1. Create high-quality artwork that resonates with your audience.
  2. Organise your business to make the most of your time.
  3. Engage with your audience every day.

That’s all you need to do. I promise that if you follow these three little rules your art business will become unrecognisable. You will learn new skills, meet incredible people and take your art to places you haven’t yet imagined. More than that, you will begin making more money from your art than ever before.

Now, as you’ll appreciate, getting started and keeping consistent can be easier said than done.

🎯 Prepare to be challenged

Building momentum can take time. You may not see huge changes in the early stages. As well as self doubt (we all struggle with this!) you may hear reservations from friends or family. You are going to have to work out who you are as an artist and why that should matter to people.

You will need to learn how websites and social media platforms work behind the scenes. You’ll have times when you feel out of your depth talking to clients or question whether what you’ve created is good enough to show the world. You’ll end up taking artistic risks that may or may not pay off.

All this (and a lot more) while balancing your relationship, your family, your job, and your health and still finding enjoyment in your art.

It is hard. You will have to work hard. But, it’s also incredibly rewarding and fun, and if you get it right it will genuinely change your life for the better.

If there was one piece of advice I’d give, it is to build a SYSTEM that supports you on your journey, so that you can efficiently grow your art business without adding ever-increasing pressure on your time. Building your art business this way allows you to be more creative, more flexible, and more effective with your time and the business starts to have momentum all of its own.

I’ve developed my SYSTEM as I’ve grown my business, and I can help you it them too.

🚀  The Art business launch kit

The Art Business Launch Kit is a collection of books, tools, and resources (in a handy PDF format). I’ll teach you everything I know about how to build your art business into a profitable, sustainable system that (1) delights art clients (2) thrives on social media and (3) generates a healthy income for you.

It’s all based on the system I’ve created to grow my art business to having hundreds of original artworks sold and over 50,000 followers on social media with over 100,000 monthly views, all while doing what I love; creating art and spending time with my family. The materials included allow you to work at your own pace, with as much flexibility as you would like.

The resources you will get are all easy to use and clearly explained along the way. Everything is provided as a PDF file, meaning you can open it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and get started.

If you need any additional support at any time, access to our lively secret Facebook community is included, where hundreds of artists chat, share ideas, and offer support and advice every day.

🥇 Within the first 4 weeks…

  1. You’ll have created your websites and social media channels (if you haven’t already) and launched them.
  2. You’ll understand how to price your artwork for profit (and maximum sales)
  3. You’ll learn the fundamentals of art marketing and how to get exposure.
  4. You’ll know all of the income streams available to artists and have chosen which best suit your artwork.
  5. You’ll be able to craft compelling stories about your art that captivate buyers
  6. You will be getting more engagement on social media with a brand-new strategy
  7. You’ll learn how to manage your business finances – the easy way.
  8. You’ll develop a strong art brand that stands out amongst the competition.
  9. You’ll learn how to talk to customers, industry insiders, and publishers.
  10. You’ll be able to manage your commissions easier than ever with our simple tools.

"Excellent resource for artists of all kinds! The book serves as a great guide for super beginners to even somewhat established commission-based artists. It's been great having someone else's opinions and solutions available while trying to navigate a path to supporting yourself as an Artist!"

"This is an amazing book! Sema walks you through how to become a commercial artist. The book is well laid out, upto date and easy to read. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable if you want to turn your hobby or side hussle into a career. Thankyou for writing it!"

"The book is absolutley amazing. Not just for becoming full-time artists but also for beginners who want to start a own art buisness. I often struggle with structure in client information, PR strategy, website building and so on. But with this book Sema created a perfect guideline for all the problems many of us artist have. It's full of general tips for all kind of artists and especially for all countries. Furthermore Sema is such an inspiring and kind person. After every chapter I had a massive boost of optimism that I'm able to live the dream of being an artist some day. Moreover the book has a great and lovely layout, so I can always find the most important information fast."

"From the minute I read the first page I was already invested and knew this was going to be an invaluable resource in starting my art career. Sema details clearly and concisely how to start an art business no matter what stage you are at. The book is filled with practical tips and insights and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering or has started turning their passion for art into a career!"

"This book is a must-have for anyone who is looking to set up an art business (whether full-time or even part-time). It covers everything from pricing your artwork and managing finances to PR, social media and building your website. It's written in a way that's easy to follow and quick to read. I found Sema's career story inspiring when I first started setting up my pet portrait business — she tells her story and writes in a way that gives you confidence in taking the next steps."

Meg Fakult

Tom Crittenden

Annika Schmitt

Katie Griffin

Sami Anderson

🧍  Who’s the art business launch kit for?

This kit is aimed at people (like me) who want to start making money from their art and treating it as a business. Yes, art is all about creativity, self-expression, love, and imagination. But, if it is not a viable business it is very difficult to give it the time and investment it deserves, and much harder to get your artwork out into the world too.

🌱  Dedicated Beginners

✓ You have some artistic or creative ability and recognize the opportunity to monetize it.

✓ You haven’t jumped in yet to make a sale, but you know it is something you want to do. Perhaps you’re questioning if you are ready, or if your art is something people even want yet.

✓ You’re willing to take your art business seriously from day 1 and want to invest in yourself to make it a success.

✓ In 30 days – You’ll have launched your art business and published your art online. Our Facebook community will support you every step of the way, so you’ll never run out of motivation or ideas.

🎨  Intermediate Artists

✓ Well done! You’ve sold some art already and have got the bug!

✓ You’ve taken the plunge and lost momentum, realizing that staying consistent and generating exposure is quite difficult. And growing an audience (of people who care!) is even harder.

✓ You’d love to take your art business to the next level, making it a real part of your income and working with loyal clients again and again.

✓ In 30 days – Your website and social media will be optimized for performance and you’ll have engaging content planned for weeks ahead. You’ll have a clear vision of how to grow your art business and what direction to take it in. Your understanding of how to market your art will be taken to the next level.

 Art-preneurs & Freelancers

✓ You know the potential your art business has, and you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve but it never quite seems to happen.

✓ You have experience working with clients but want to increase loyalty and get more repeat customers.

✓ You are making some money from art, but have a constant feeling that there is more left on the table.

✓ You are ready to take action and recognize the value of hard work and accountability.

✓ In 30 days – You’ll have a clear understanding of how to organize your business professionally, and your time management and productivity skills will get a real boost. You will have developed clear systems for dividing your time between business and creativity, with processes to back you up. You will understand how to generate national and international media coverage and build a deeper understanding of art marketing. Of course, you can use the materials as you wish, and at your own pace.

📚  What’s in the kit?

The kit includes all (and I mean all) of our expertly created books, workbooks, tools, templates, and resources. We’ve broken it down into three steps to give you the best start possible.

Nice, clean, minimalist style picture of everything in the kit with Amazon sticker over


Step 1. Learn The Fundamentals

👩‍🎨 Art Is My Career – How To Start An Art Business

The ‘Bible’ of art business, this book breaks down how to do everything from setting up your website to managing difficult customers, in easy-to-follow steps. Ideal for beginners who are new to art business, but equally important for seasoned pros who need clear guidance and direction. Avoid years of frustration and get it right the first time. Trusted by thousands of artists and rated 4.9/5 on Amazon.

💵 How Do Artists Make Money? 25 Income Streams For Artists To Thrive and Grow

Rated 5 stars on Amazon, this easy-to-digest guide lifts the lid on the art industry and shows you the real way professional artists make their money. Packed with statistics, inspiration, and guidance on the most effective ways to monetize your art and maximize your income.

👌 Get Ready To Launch

A comprehensive checklist to make your launch a huge success.

🗝️ Art Brand Guidelines

The secret to building a strong, recognizable art brand that clients love.


Step 2. Use Professional Tools

📖 Commission Logbook for Artists

This 95-page logbook takes the stress out of organizing your waiting list. Keep your clients happy and your workload manageable. Easy to use commission tracker, manage sales and expenses, and supplier details all in one place.

📝 Commission Schedule & Expenses Spreadsheet

Created by artists for artists, bespoke spreadsheets to track your artwork commissions and business expense to keep your business organized and profitable.

😍 Social Media Checklist

Transform your social media accounts by using this fool-proof content system. How to take the stress out of social media and get results like never before.


Step 3. The Art Marketing Masterplan

📣 Public Relations Workbook for Creatives – Harness The Power of The Media

Learn how to get your art featured in newspapers, magazines, and websites for free. No prior experience is necessary.  By the end of this workbook, you will have written and sent your first press release and have built a network of influential art journalists to work with. Get real exposure faster than ever before using our proven methodology.

📧 Email Pitch Templates

The real email scripts we use to generate national press coverage for artists.

♟️ PR Strategy Template

Learn how to generate publicity ideas and generate press coverage like clockwork. Tried and tested techniques, designed by public relations experts.

🏰 The Storytelling Workbook for Artists

The best tool for artists with writer’s block. This step-by-step workbook teaches you how to craft compelling stories about yourself and your artwork for use in websites, artist bios, artist statements, and across social media and marketing campaigns. Take the guesswork out of writing about art.

📈 Business Promotion Checklist

A checklist to focus your marketing and drive inquiries so you don’t waste time and effort in the wrong places.

🤗  The Secret Community

At any time, if you need support, advice, or a bit of like-minded company, you will have access to our lively Facebook community. Here, you can ask and answer questions and get to know other artists who are building their businesses too.

🔒 Money Back Guarantee

I want this to be a 100% risk-free investment into your art career. If you read the books, complete the workbooks and use the resources included and still don’t find the kit valuable, send us an email and I’ll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of purchase.

🏁 Pricing

Availability at this introductory price is limited as we bring on the next cohort of artists. Once you buy you will have lifetime access to the tools and materials included.


🤑 Art Business Launch Kit

🏫 The core package of 2 Books and 3 Workbooks

🚀 Launch Templates Scripts and Checklists

🤫 Access to our secret Facebook community of artists


Total Value $197

$19 Buy Now

🧬 Questions? Get in Touch

Send us an email at hello@artismycareer.com if you have any questions. We are happy to help you out.

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