• The Storytelling Workbook for Artists paperback cover

The Storytelling Workbook for Artists: Paperback


Learn how to get noticed with the power of storytelling.

This exciting workbook is going to completely change the way you think about marketing your art, introducing ‘The Storytelling Workbook for artists’.

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This workbook is for:

  • Artists who have started their own art business, or are thinking of starting.
  • Artists who want to add depth and narrative to their artworks.
  • Artists who are ready to take their business to the next level.

With the help of this workbook, it’s time to inject some soul back into your business and get noticed with the power of storytelling. This is going to answer the important questions that differentiate you from your competition and will help you communicate what make you special as an artist.

Using the workbook allowed me to gain clarity in my art and identified things hadn’t considered before. It gave me a way forward and ideas on how I could expand and introduce more personality into commission-based business, highlighting what makes me special.

This workbook will help you get noticed by connecting with customers through personal experiences, memories, inspirations, and shared values.

Workbook Sections:

Section 1 – What makes you, you?

Answer the questions in section one to discover who you are as an artist and how your journey has developed so far.

Section 2 – Creating your story

Using everything you have learnt from section one, you will now put together a compelling story that highlights what makes you special.

Section 3 – Using your story

Finally, you will learn to use a story-based approach to marketing that will help you Stand out and get noticed.



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