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Pricing calculator tool

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The artwork pricing calculator tool has been designed to be easy to use and considers two ways of calculating the price of your artwork. This artwork pricing calculator will allow every artist to make a profit from their hard work and considers all aspects of an art business from, materials to time spent marketing. It is unlike other tools you may have come across and is designed to ensure you are profiting enough to make art your full-time career.

You may find that the answers on this calculator come out higher than you would expect or compared to other artwork calculator tools but that is because I have included another important factor into the formula, admin.

If you are just starting out and don’t feel you can charge as much as the calculator indicates, then divide the total by 2 and use that number as the absolute minimum that you should be charging for your artwork.

These formulas take into account all the admin and marketing time you have spent in order to acquire the sale. You should not be doing your social media, website and flyer distribution for free! All the time spent on your business when not creating art needs to be accounted for also and you must pay yourself accordingly.


How does this art pricing calculator work?

This calculator is split into two formulas:

Formula 1 – uses the area of your artwork to calculate the price.

  • Area of artwork – Calculate the area of your commission in square inches using the formula   Length (in inches) x Width (in inches) = Area
  • Cost per square inch – Cost per square inch. Choose a cost per square inch that reflects your reputation and credentials as an artist. This could be as little as £2 if you are a beginner, and will increase with your experience level. Play around with your cost per square inch and compare the price it gives you with other artists of a similar skill level to you.
  • Cost of materials used – Consider how much you have spent on materials and packaging for the this piece. Be sure to include everything and be very detailed or you could be left out of pocket.

Formula 2 – Uses the time taken to complete your artwork to calculate the price.

  • Hourly wage – When deciding on an hourly wage, consider the living wage in your country as a minimum rate. You deserve to earn enough to live a good life doing what you love.
  • Hours Spent – The approximate number of hours the artwork has taken to complete.
  • Cost of materials used – How much you have spent on materials and packaging for this artwork.

Many artists undercharge for their time because they love what they do, it’s a classic mistake that you can easily avoid by factoring it into your pricing to begin with. Play with each formula and note down each figure, they will be a great starting point when deciding how to price your work.

Read more about how to price your artwork in my blog post here. or in my book ‘Art is my career – How to start an art business’.


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