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Job Profile

Picture Framer

Picture framers mount, frame and hang photographs and artworks for display.

Average Salary (per year)

$25,000 - $36,000

Typical Hours (per week)

37.5 - 40

How to become a picture framer:

There are no formal entry requirements to become a picture framer.

Accredited courses are available in all levels of picture framing and mounting from many education colleges, picture frame equipment suppliers and existing framers.

Picture framers often begin making frames as a hobby, before working in a framing store, gallery or as a freelance picture framer.

Day to day activities of a picture framer:

Your day to day activities might include:

Speaking to clients about their framing needs.

Offer advise on framing styles, designs and methods.

Managing materials inventory.

Designing and making bespoke picture frames and mounts.

Give quotes and timescales to customers.

Pack and deliver framed pictures.

Working environment of a picture framer:

Picture framers usually work in a gallery, framing shop or independently from their own workshop.

Skills required for a picture framer:

A working knowledge of art mediums and materials.

Hands on craft skills to make frames from scratch using a range of tools.

A high level of precision and an eye for detail.

Good customer service skills.

Computer and online proficiency.

Sales and communication skills.

Ability to work independently to a brief without supervision.

Picture Framer courses:

Skillshare website for picture framing made easy

framing education website

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