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Job Profile

Interior Designer

Interior designers use their design skills to enhance the interior spaces of buildings, making them healthier and more enjoyable to be in.

Average Salary (per year)

$37,000 - $75,000

Typical Hours (per week)

37.5 - 40

How to become an interior designer:

Vocational courses are available in interior design.

Degree courses in interior design, art and architecture are available from most universities.

Build up a portfolio of work and document practical experience.

Day to day activities of an interior designer:

Your day to day activities might include:

Making site visits and meeting clients to discuss their needs.

Conducting research and collecting samples to put together your designs.

Creating sketches and mockup images to communicate your ideas to the client.

Making recommendations of colour, décor, furniture and fabrics.

Finding suppliers and managing the procurement of items for the design.

Project managing and responsibility for budgets.

Making detailed CAD drawings and simulations that can be used by contractors.

Working environment of an interior designer:

Interior designers usually work from a studio, either at home or in a commercial premises.

Site visits and visits to retailers and suppliers will also be required.

Some interior designers work for an within retailers and suppliers to advise clients.

Skills required for an interior designer:

A creative approach to problem solving.

An ability to create designs that meet your clients brief.

High level of attention to detail.

An understanding of budgets and project management.

An ability to take criticism and work under pressure.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

A working knowledge of construction and architecture processes.

Computer software skills in packages such as Adobe Photoshop and Autocad.

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