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15 Facebook groups for stained glass artists

1. Stained Glass Enthusiasts UK

This group is for stained glass enthusiasts, businesses and pattern makers in the United Kingdom.

2. Glass Artists

For anyone who works in, or is interested in Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Slumped Glass, Glass Blowing, Glass Painting, Glass Etching. Traditional or contemporary.

3. Stained Glass Supplies Group

A group dedicated to stained glass supplies, materials and equipment.

4. Stained Glass Patterns

This group is a welcoming place for stained glass artists to talk about methods and materials, not just stained glass patterns!

5. Stained Glass – Artists selling their work

A group where stained glass artists can sell their work  (Also great for inspiration!)

6. Just Stained Glass Patterns

A sociable group for lovers of stained glass art!

7. Vintage American Stained Glass

A group celebrating North American stained glass over 50 years old. A great place to gain an appreciation of the history behind vintage stained glass and find inspiration.

8. Stained Glass Crafters

This group is for stained / art glass enthusiasts to discuss the art and craft of stained glass and art glass work.

9. Glass Painting Community

A busy group dedicated to the art of cold glass painting – share you work and discuss techniques.

10. Stained Glass Artists and Addicts & Other Artists

A lively group for artists and enthusiasts of stained glass and other associated art forms.

11. Stained Glass Addicts

A group created as a virtual stained glass workshop, where artists can come together to share tips and tricks, display their work and get advice on all things stained glass.

12. Inclusive Stained Glass Artists

A safe space for stained glass artists to share their work and discuss stained glass art.

13. Stained Glass Beginners

A group aimed at beginner level stained glass artists. Learn from others and share tips.

14. Stained Glass Supplies For Sale

This group is concentrated on supplies specific to the creation of stained glass pieces – like glass, tools, pattern, books etc.

15. Stained Glass Tips and Techniques

A friendly group dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for stained glass artists.

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