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Job Profile


An illustrator specialises in using their art to enhance books, writing or to give a visual representation to explain text or an idea.

Average Salary (per year)

$30,000 - $95,000

Typical Hours (per week)

37.5 - 40

How to become an illustrator:

Degrees and higher education courses are available in relevant topics like illustration, graphic design and fine art, although formal qualifications are not always required.

You will need to be able to show prospective clients and employers a portfolio of your work.

Relevant experience through speculative projects and volunteer work will contribute towards your portfolio.

Day to day activities of an illustrator:

Your day to day activities might include:

Liaise with clients, writers and editors to discuss your brief.

Research and develop your creative solutions

Create a series of preliminary sketches for client approval.

Create final images and present them to the client.

Manage budgets and deadlines.

Use computer software packages for graphic design and client communication.

Working environment of an illustrator:

Illustrators typically work from home or from an art studio as freelancers or project-based contractors.

Skills required for an illustrator:

You will need a high level of artistic skill.

Most illustrators have a signature style, aimed at a particular audience.

Good time keeping and an ability to work to a tight deadline.

Proficient in the use of computer software packages for graphic design and collaboration.

Be able to work with other team members from writers to editors and publishers.

An ability to be creative on demand and be flexible in your solutions.

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