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Ready to turn your art into profit?

As an experienced artist and business owner, I can guide you in finding your artistic voice and promoting your art with confidence and clarity.

🌳 My story

As a young child, I was always captivated by drawing, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that I began selling my art. Working as an aerospace engineer at NASA and planning to pursue a Ph.D., I turned to selling my drawings to fund my studies. Starting with zero sales, contacts, and social media followers, I quickly learned the power of a strong marketing strategy. In just eight weeks, my waiting list grew to six months, and my Facebook and Instagram accounts flourished. I received more inquiries each day than I could have ever imagined and found myself earning more as an artist than I had as an engineer. It was a turning point that shattered my preconceived notions about the viability of a career in art. Now, six years later, I have a thriving business with a loyal client base that allows me to travel the world and spend more time with my loved ones. Let me share my insights with you and help you achieve your own artistic success.

📚 Receive Expert Guidance In:

Art Business Branding

Attracting your target customer

Optimising your website

Keeping you accountable and on schedule

Dealing with difficult customers

Time management advice

📣 Digital Spotlight

Together, we can optimize your online persona and amplify your voice as an artist across various digital platforms. Through a collaborative and personalized session, we’ll analyze and enhance your social media accounts, with concrete strategies to increase engagement and attract your target audience. Let’s unlock your full potential in the digital space and take your art career to the next level.

💵 Artistic Promotion Strategies

As your personal mentor, I offer personalized artist mentoring sessions to help you discover and develop your unique artistic voice, and effectively promote your art to a wider audience. Through my proven techniques and strategies, we’ll work together to build an effective marketing plan that showcases your art and drives sales. Together, we’ll create a customized marketing strategy that encompasses all your media outlets and public relations, empowering you to succeed in your art business.

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Mentoring Reviews

"I would highly recommend a mentoring session with Sema. She has so much knowledge to share. I appreciated Sema's advice, encouragement and action steps to improve my business. Sema is clear and concise with her suggestions. I loved the printable pdf with all of the action points required to improve my business. Got off the call from Sema feeling positive about what direction I am heading with my art business. Thank you so much."

Rachel Frost

"Sema was so friendly, professional and easy to talk to. She has lots of great helpful advice! I would recommend this session to any artist new to the business or anyone who has little experience in the field of art business. "

Jazz Islam

Artist mentoring testimonial dean douglas

"Sema was amazing! I felt a bit lost with my art and @artismycareer really helped and guided me in the right direction with her top knowledge of the art industry. 100% recommend if you are wanting to take your art business to the next level"

Dean Douglas

"This coaching call is one of the best values I have paid for in the 3 years I've been receiving coaching and mentoring. I belong to a LOT of groups for coaching, but this 1 on 1 was worth every penny, and is what I have been looking for. The actionable steps on the PDF notes Sema sends are amazing! Sema really puts effort and thought into reviewing your issues and work before the call. She addressed my issues thoroughly. After I implement some of the steps mentioned, I wouldn't hesitate to book a follow up session. Do it! "

Jennifer Lucas

Cristina M. Komaroff

"I was confused about how to sell my artwork and how to develop an over arching plan to run my own business as an artist. Sema immediately gave me a solid, practical plan. Sema is an experienced artist who is an expert at selling and marketing her own art and she knew right away what I had to do. I had a business coach who gave me generalized advice but it wasn’t that useful and didn’t result in any sales. Sema answered all the questions I had and guided me as I was blind as to how to start selling and marketing my artwork. I highly recommend Sema’s thoughtful, experienced and articulate approach. One hour with her was worth more than the three (3) business coaches put together, and the 20-30 hours of business workshops and courses I have taken over the course of 2 years. I am so grateful to Sema for her invaluable advice. I only wish I had spoken to her a couple of years ago."

Cristina M. Komaroff

"My first mentoring session with Sema was incredibly helpful. Sema provided me with invaluable insights and advice for me to move my business forward. She went through all the areas I wanted to gain deeper information and guidance on, provided constructive feedback on my website, socials, and current ways of working, which I have found really useful. I left the session feeling motivated and confident to put ideas into actions."

Katie Griffin

Miri Leshem-Pelly

"The mentoring session with Sema was priceless! Sema came to the session well prepared after reviewing my social media and my online prints shop in advance. We covered many topics within this one-hour session and all my questions were answered. Sema gave me practical advice for areas that need improvement, and highlighted areas in my career that are working well, and that made my path going forward much clearer. Following the session, Sema sent me a summary of all the points we discussed with the recommended steps I should take. I feel much more confident now in my journey towards a successful art career and I highly recommend for artists to book a mentoring session with Sema."

Miri Leshem-Pelly

Corinna Johnson

“My conversation with Sema was priceless. Sema guided me through my overgrown business jungle like a trained gardener. She drew my attention to a small, valuable tree that I had pruned incorrectly and gave me tips on how to speed up its growth. Sema has prepared in detail for our conversation and made specific suggestions for my product, pricing and promotion, among other things. I would recommend her mentoring to any artist who wants to take their work to the next level.”

Corinna Johnson

Artist Joanna Johnson reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

"I had a fantastic meeting on the artist mentoring, Sema gave me very helpful advice and really pointed me in the direction which would help me to start my art career. Clear guidelines and even pricing guides having looked at my artwork. Sema is so friendly and I felt so much at ease asking daft questions about how to set up social media better. I feel I have the confidence now to achieve my goals, especially having a one to one meeting with a professional, what a special privilege it was! And on top of that, to be sent an action plan afterwards was a real bonus. Well worth doing and I highly recommend it! "

Joanna Johnson

Artist Annelies Van Laeken reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

"The coaching with sema was super interesting! I thought an hour would be short to discuss everything, but everything I had questions about was covered. It's amazing how much info Sema gives you in one hour:D The tips Sema gives were very valuable and practical. After the conversation, Sema sent a report with all the action points. I can get started right away:)"

Annelies Van Laeken

Artist Shanddon Blunden reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

“I had a mentoring session with Sema yesterday and I came away from it feeling very positive and hopeful for my artistic career. When making a booking, you are asked which subjects you’d like to talk about in preparation for your session. Sema had looked at my work, my website and my Instagram and was ready to give me feedback! At the end of your session she emails you over her notes to work from. I’ve got plenty to work on and improve, with a few tips and tricks to try out too! Sema’s guidance has given me a confidence boost and I recommend anyone who feels they need a helping hand, or perhaps a fresh set of eyes to look over your art and socials, to get booked in with a mentoring session. You will not regret it!”

Shanddon Blunden

Artist Noa Kritzer reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

“I would highly recommend booking a mentoring session with Sema. I've received so much value from her book and her other content, that I wasn't sure how much I would get out of the meeting. I was honestly surprised at how jam-packed the hour-long session was with useful relevant guidance. My favorite part about the session was when we went over my website. Having an artist who understands the customer experience giving me feedback was invaluable. I got so much practical advice I can use in my business right away. Thank you Sema! “

Noa Kritzer

Artist Lucy Webster reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

“I recently had a mentoring session with Sema and it was fantastic! She was so friendly and insightful and provided me with a wealth of advice. As someone who overthinks it was great to receive her concise constructive criticism for my website and social media pages; it has given me specific tasks that I can implement both immediately and over time. Additionally, I had reached a stage in my business where I knew I needed to take the next step but had no idea where to begin. Talking with Sema helped me to develop a clear direction of where I want to take my art and she gave me a brilliant breakdown of what I should focus on in order to follow that path. Not only do I understand how I want to progress as an artist now but the notes Sema provided after the session state clearly what actions I can take and I'm really looking forward to working through these over the next few months.”

Lucy Webster


How it works

If for any reason you need to cancel or change your booking please give 12 hours’ notice. Sessions are non-refundable 12 hours before the session.

1. Form

Fill out the form identifying the date and time you wish to book your session.

2. Payment

You will be sent a payment request to book your session. You can use your card or PayPal to pay.

3. Your Session

Your session will take place using either Zoom or Skype and you will be sent a link to the meeting the day before the session.

🏁 The Price

For just $130, you’ll unlock a world of invaluable knowledge and expertise during the mentorship program, which includes the following benefits:

✔ 60 minutes of personalized and expert guidance to elevate your art career.

✔ A comprehensive summary of the session in a beautifully designed PDF.

✔ A tailored to-do list filled with actionable steps to ensure your success.


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