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Job Profile

Art Director

Art directors create and manage the visual output of television, film, media and advertising.

Average Salary (per year)

$50,000 - $150,000

Typical Hours (per week)

37.5 - 45 100hr

How to become an art director:

Take relevant university courses. Fine art, design, advertising and graphics are a great place to start.

Most art directors have previous relevant experience in the industry as photographers, graphic designers, editors or illustrators or other creative roles before advancing to an art director position.

Graduate training in management or advanced professional training can be beneficial.

Keeping you accountable and on schedule

Build a portfolio of your work including any relevant projects you have worked on.

Day to day activities of an art director:

Your day to day activities might include:

Conceptualising ideas based of a client brief

Presenting and communicating your vision to stakeholders

Hiring a creative team to turn ideas into reality

Meeting budget and deadline requirements

Overseeing media production and editing

Working environment of an art director:

You might work from an office, studio or on location depending on the needs of each individual project.

Skills Required for an art director:

Verbal communication and people skills

Good timekeeping and organisational skills

Attention to detail

Creativity and artistic vision

High level of knowledge and proficiency of artistic and media production methods

Competent in the use of computers and media production software

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