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Job Profile

Art Conservator

An art conservator (sometimes known as a restorer) is responsible for the preservation of artistic and cultural items of importance.

Average Salary (per year)

$28,000 - $75,000

Typical Hours (per week)

37.5 - 40

How to become an art conservator:

A degree or post graduate qualification in fine art, conservation, archaeology or historic preservation.

Relevant work experience or volunteer work can be helpful.

Some art conservators take on an apprenticeship to learn the art of conservation in a hands on role under the supervision of an expert conservator.

Day to day activities of an art conservator:

Your day to day activities might include:

Inspecting and writing condition reports of artworks or cultural artifacts.

Undertaking physical conservation or restoration of artworks.

Speaking to art collectors, institutions and insurance clients to arrange work.

Undertaking extensive research into artworks, techniques and artists.

Giving presentations or writing academic papers about art conservation.

Making written and photographic records of artwork and the conservation process.

Ensuring pieces are stored and exhibited in safe, stable conditions.

Giving professional advice about art storage, conservation and restoration.

Working environment of an art conservator:

You could be working from an art studio or within a museum, gallery or other institution.

Skills required for an art conservator:

You will need a high level of artistic skill and an eye for detail.

A knowledge of chemistry and an ability to work with and mix chemical preparations.

Analytical thinking skills and a knack for historical research.

An in depth understand of the history of art and artistic styles.

A creative approach to problem solving.

Art conservator courses:

The Courtauld website for conservation of easel paintings postgraduate study

City & Guilds of London Art School website for postgraduate conservation study

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