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Artist Mentoring Reviews

"My first mentoring session with Sema was incredibly helpful. Sema provided me with invaluable insights and advice for me to move my business forward. She went through all the areas I wanted to gain deeper information and guidance on, provided constructive feedback on my website, socials, and current ways of working, which I have found really useful. I left the session feeling motivated and confident to put ideas into actions."

Katie Griffin

Miri Leshem-Pelly

"The mentoring session with Sema was priceless! Sema came to the session well prepared after reviewing my social media and my online prints shop in advance. We covered many topics within this one-hour session and all my questions were answered. Sema gave me practical advice for areas that need improvement, and highlighted areas in my career that are working well, and that made my path going forward much clearer. Following the session, Sema sent me a summary of all the points we discussed with the recommended steps I should take. I feel much more confident now in my journey towards a successful art career and I highly recommend for artists to book a mentoring session with Sema."

Miri Leshem-Pelly

Corinna Johnson

“My conversation with Sema was priceless. Sema guided me through my overgrown business jungle like a trained gardener. She drew my attention to a small, valuable tree that I had pruned incorrectly and gave me tips on how to speed up its growth. Sema has prepared in detail for our conversation and made specific suggestions for my product, pricing and promotion, among other things. I would recommend her mentoring to any artist who wants to take their work to the next level.”

Corinna Johnson

Artist Joanna Johnson reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

"I had a fantastic meeting on the artist mentoring, Sema gave me very helpful advice and really pointed me in the direction which would help me to start my art career. Clear guidelines and even pricing guides having looked at my artwork. Sema is so friendly and I felt so much at ease asking daft questions about how to set up social media better. I feel I have the confidence now to achieve my goals, especially having a one to one meeting with a professional, what a special privilege it was! And on top of that, to be sent an action plan afterwards was a real bonus. Well worth doing and I highly recommend it! "

Joanna Johnson

Artist Annelies Van Laeken reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

"The coaching with sema was super interesting! I thought an hour would be short to discuss everything, but everything I had questions about was covered. It's amazing how much info Sema gives you in one hour:D The tips Sema gives were very valuable and practical. After the conversation, Sema sent a report with all the action points. I can get started right away:)"

Annelies Van Laeken

Artist Shanddon Blunden reviewing her artist mentor meeting with Sema Martin at Art is my career

“I had a mentoring session with Sema yesterday and I came away from it feeling very positive and hopeful for my artistic career. When making a booking, you are asked which subjects you’d like to talk about in preparation for your session. Sema had looked at my work, my website and my Instagram and was ready to give me feedback! At the end of your session she emails you over her notes to work from. I’ve got plenty to work on and improve, with a few tips and tricks to try out too! Sema’s guidance has given me a confidence boost and I recommend anyone who feels they need a helping hand, or perhaps a fresh set of eyes to look over your art and socials, to get booked in with a mentoring session. You will not regret it!”

Shanddon Blunden